A Pinchbeck Bride

A Pinchbeck Bride

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A young woman is found strangled in Mingo House, a morbid brownstone museum in Bostona€™s Back Bay. Strangely, she was dressed in Victorian finery as if for high tea. Dubbed the a€œVictorian Girla€ by the media, she becomes the focus of publicity and speculation that reaches back to the Mingoesa€™ roots in England and to the builders of the mansion, a Civil War arms dealer and his sAcance-holding wife. Boston comic Mark Winslow and the other trustees of Mingo House are divided as to whether the place is sustainable as a museum. Trustee chairman Rudy Schmitz, a brash entrepreneur, seems convinced that the porous roof and escalating rain damage will doom the place. Nadia Gulbenkian, the last of the old guard trustees, is accusing Rudy of engineering the museuma€™s demise. Meanwhile, software executive Jon Kim and a dubious collector of saintsa€™ bones and art are pursuing their own agendas. Mingo House itself seems cursed. A number of people believe its walls conceal treasure, and are will do anything to retrieve it. As the deaths and threats multiply, one question resounds: which will survive this summer of delugea€”Mingo House or its terrified staff?A Mark Winslow Mystery Stephen Anable ... I telephoned Bryce Rossia#39;s business number, discovered it was disconnected, and then, via directory assistance, found ... My subsequent questions were met with responses that became progressively more curt and opaque until he told me, a€œLook, ... and Asiaa€”swept into the open air cafes to eat tapas and spring rolls, to drink designer beer and apple martinis.

Title:A Pinchbeck Bride
Author:Stephen Anable
Publisher:Poisoned Pen Press Inc - 2011-05-27


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