A Practical Guide to Membrane Protein Purification

A Practical Guide to Membrane Protein Purification

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A Practical Guide to Membrane Protein Purification is written especially for researchers who have some familarity with separation of water-soluble proteins, but who may not be aware of the pitfalls they face with membrane proteins. This guide presents techniques in a concise form, emphasizing the aspects unique to membrane proteins. The book explains the principles of the methods, permitting researchers and students new to this area to adapt these techniques to their particular needs. The second volume in the series, this book is an essential manual for investigations of structure and function of native membrane proteins, as well as for purification of these proteins for immunization and protein sequencing. Separation, Detection, and Characterization of Biological Macromolecules is a new series of laboratory guides. Each volume focuses on a topic of central interest to scientists and students in biomedical and biological research. Introductory chapters are followed by clear, step-by-step protocols that present principles and practice. These concise manuals are designed for optimal understanding of methods as well as for practical benchtop use. Key Features * Provides general guidelines and strategies for isolation of membrane proteins * Describes detailed practical procedures that have been the widest applications, and lowest specialized equipment needs * Gives special emphasis to new native and denaturing electrophoresis techniques * Explains modifications of techniques used for water-soluble proteinsBacterial membrane protein complexes (e.g., the respiratory chain complexes) are simpler in polypeptide composition ... On a small scale, one may use a French press cell (e.g., by SLMAminco); large-scale preparation requires the use of aanbsp;...

Title:A Practical Guide to Membrane Protein Purification
Author:Gebhard von Jagow
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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