A Practical Guide to Trusted Computing

A Practical Guide to Trusted Computing

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Designed to provide developers with a practical understanding of how to use the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Through multiple examples, it provides the reader with an understanding of what problems the TPM can be used to solve, and the motivation behind the design decisions made in the specifications.Execute the following command, replacing alt;gsoap_diragt; with the location of your gSOAP installation: [prompt]# ... Up until now, wea#39;ve discussed the fact that we are using Web Services and SOAP and somehow these get passed to the ... we intend to call: alt;nsl:GetCapabilityagt; alt;inParmsagt; alt;hContextagt;0alt;/hContextagt; alt;capagt;0alt;/ capagt; alt;szSubCapagt;alt;/szSubCapagt; alt;/inParmsagt; alt; /ns 1 :GetCapabi li tyagt; Note the nsl .

Title:A Practical Guide to Trusted Computing
Author:Kent Yoder, Ryan Catherman
Publisher:IBM Press - 2008-01


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