A Sense of Duty

A Sense of Duty

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A memoir by a former Vietnamese refugee who became a U.S. Marine, Quang Phama€™s A Sense of Duty is an affecting story of fate, hope, and the aftermath of the most divisive war the United States has ever fought. This heartfelt salute to the spirit of America is also the account of the authora€™s reunion with his long-absent father, Hoa Pham, himself a devoted officer who saw combat firsthand as a South Vietnamese fighter pilot. Hoaa€™s revelations about his wartime experience leave Quang even more conflicted about his service in the Marines in the first Gulf War, and after years of struggling to reconnect with each other and the homeland they left behind, the two set out on a final, profound questa€”to make sense of the war in Vietnam. Tracing Quang Phama€™s uniquely spirited yet agonizing journey from his experiences as an uprooted refugee to his becoming a combat aviator, A Sense of Duty reveals the turmoil of a family torn apart and reunited by the fortunes of war. It is an American journey like no other.As one of the first flight instructors in the C-130, he and other crewmen translated its flight manual from English to Vietnamese. The cadres forced him to teach communist pilots how to operate this newest and biggest transport plane in theanbsp;...

Title:A Sense of Duty
Author:Quang Pham
Publisher:Presidio Press - 2007-12-18


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