A Splash of Kindness

A Splash of Kindness

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qThe things we doa€”even the little things we do, things as little as this pebblea€”create ripples kind of like the ones you see right now. Consequences, I suppose, is the grown-up word for it.q Discover how the little things you do make a big difference. Filled with inspiring true stories of positive change, this uplifting book shows how small acts of goodness have a ripple effect and eventually change the world.And the implementation of Joana#39;s ideas for the Murray Park Arboretum was a done deal before the chairman of the commission had time to ... In their search for donations, they visited banks, furniture stores, lawn mower shops, used car lots, laundries, dairies, ... a€œPretty lady like you should have no trouble getting donations.

Title:A Splash of Kindness
Author:John Starley Allen
Publisher:Cedar Fort -


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