A Sport-loving Society

A Sport-loving Society

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In a time of unprecedented political and economic transformation, the middle classes of Victorian and Edwardian England became principal players in a new social order. Nowhere did their culture, values and identity gain clearer expression than in their sports, and their influence is still felt in the way we organise, play and think of sport today. A Sport-Loving Society presents a selection of groundbreaking essays from the journals which have defined sport history over the past three decades. These essays explore the role of the social institutions and issues of the Victorian and Edwardian periods in shaping the sports of the English middle classes, including: education the emancipation of women religion culture and class diplomacy and war. Showcasing the work of prominent sport historians, this book demonstrates the value of sport as a vehicle for the study of wider social change.During this time the dashing public-school cricket captain had been transformed. ... His dedication to the cause was, by that stage of the war, March 1918, strained to the point of gentle social remonstrance: a#39;They do send some funny people over here ... In earlier times the way the Welsh and the Irish spoke had provided broad nationalist jokes, but English regional ... in the accents of their officers, the exaggerated drawl and other affectations of public school and Varsity speech that hadanbsp;...

Title:A Sport-loving Society
Author:J. A. Mangan
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2006


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