A Stone for Danny Fisher

A Stone for Danny Fisher

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A Stone for Danny Fisher is the story of a young man who did not start at the bottom. Born into a family of modest means and respectability, Danny Fisher was gradually driven downward into the world of crime, racketeering and poverty. His bitterness, his homesickness over the loss of the house in Brooklyn that was given to him for his eighth birthday, and his feud with his harsh father, pulled him one way; his natural decency and his love for a sweet Italian girl, Nellie Petito, pulled him another. Danny was a boxer - a sensational amateur and potential champion - and he might have gone straight had the fight promoters not tried to exert pressure. He could not escape the gangsters, and later he became deeply involved in the black market and then in slot-machine rackets. Nevertheless, the driving force behind Danny's actions was always his sustaining love for Nellie. In a story that is harsh yet tender, realistic and yet compassionate, Harold Robbins reveals what makes the Danny Fishers what they are.The engine sputtered and gasped. I pulled the ... Resignedly I turnedoffthe ignitionand gotout of the car.Istood staring at the ... I checkedmy watch. Fourthirty. ... The thirstcame back strongerthan ever, renewed byfrustration. A train ... Their faces gleamed eerily at me in the yellow light, shining with sweat fromthe damp heat.

Title:A Stone for Danny Fisher
Author:Harold Robbins
Publisher:Robert Hale - 2013-05-31


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