A Teen Guide to Buying Stocks

A Teen Guide to Buying Stocks

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Despite spectacular stock market highs and lows, most Americans today hold stock, especially the educated and the very rich. Anybody with a little spare change, even young people, can invest in the stock market. Kids and teens may not have Warren Buffett's billions, but thanks to young agea€”and the power of compoundinga€”investing even a little money early on can bring a huge payday later. Learn how to buy and sell stocks online, how to pick winning stocks, and how to decode stock charts like a pro, from EPS to P/E to funny ticker symbols like YUM! With a little research, strategy, and patience, even kids can become savvy investors.Today, nearly every country with a large economy has a stock exchange of its own, from Saudi Arabia to Singapore to Chile. ... Many of the things you eat, wear , play with, and use every day are made ... in the car (General Motors, GM, and Shell Oil, RDS), you pay corporations money in exchange for something you want.

Title:A Teen Guide to Buying Stocks
Author:Claire O'Neal
Publisher:Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc. - 2013-09-01


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