A User's Guide to the View Camera

A User's Guide to the View Camera

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This reissued third edition of A Usera€™s Guide to View Camera introduces photographers to large-format cameras, covering their use with both film and digital capture. Readers will learn the anatomy of cameras with a separately adjustable back or front, the proper techniques for using view cameras, and how to take care of large-format camerasa€”all through straightforward and practical instruction and abundant visual examples. This latest edition features: a€c Practical approaches to mastering lenses, shutters, accessories, and the ever-important maintenance of your view camera a€c Tips for both simple operation and advanced control of the camera, including film holders, bellows, and tripods, and film handling and development a€c A section on digital equipment, offering updates on the nearly 200-year-long history of the view cameraBegin timing the development just as the film leaves the rollers. ... fast (ISO 3000) black-and-white print film, and there was even a film (Type 55) that produced both a print and a usable large-format negative after a 20-second development.

Title:A User's Guide to the View Camera
Author:Jim Stone
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-10-16


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