A User’s Guide to Your Mind Volume II How to Win in Love & Get Along with Each Other

A User’s Guide to Your Mind Volume II How to Win in Love & Get Along with Each Other

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Thoughts are very real things. They can be compared to the elements that create the weather we experience. From clear and sunny to overcast and dreary, your thought-machine mind creates your reality. Whether or not you are consciously aware of it, you alone control the angles and rotations of the kaleidoscopic mirrors within the workings of your mind. If you dona€™t like your reality, you can always adjust your outlook simply by adjusting your way of thinking. One of lifea€™s mercies is that we can retrain our mind. This guide is an appeal for rational thinking. When all is said and done, there are only three fundamental areas over which you have any real control in your life: how you think/feel (as in two sides of the same coin), how you act, and how you react. When you are unhappy in life or love, the best place to start looking for both the cause and the cure is within the inner narrative of your thoughts. It is here you will find the fountainhead of resiliency from which your strength and well-being flow. Resiliency in people is not an accidental occurrence; rather, it is the cumulative effect of an individuala€™s decision making. In a nutshell, humans need not always interpret things in the negative, instead, the choice to view things either as a€œa positivea€ or as a€œa negativea€ is entirely your own to make. The intelligent approach insists you strive to see both the positive and the negative in people, situations, and events. Doing so wona€™t negate the negative, it simply helps to balance it. The knowledge contained in A Usera€™s Guide to Your Mind is threefold: how to live mindfully of your thoughts, how to exercise emotional intelligence in relationships, and how to exercise social intelligence in everyday life. Exercising social and emotional intelligencea€”along with good old common sensea€”is essential to soundly managing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If you are tired of just talking about making changes and are now actually prepared to do something about it, the guidance within will provide detailed blueprints to get you started in redesigning your life and relationships. Best of all, you can implement what you learn as you see fit, according to your own goals, value system, and moral principles. This book shows you how.To empower and help fortify yourself against acting on impulsive sexual urges, give yourself permission to learn and practice how to enjoy sexual pleasuring by your own hand. Autoeroticism, or self-pleasuring, is a natural and healthy functionanbsp;...

Title:A User’s Guide to Your Mind Volume II How to Win in Love & Get Along with Each Other
Author:Michael Ra Bouchard, Ph.D.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-11-21


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