A Very Different Story

A Very Different Story

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Almost all Gilmana€™s work asserts optimistically the possibility for utopian change, yet ironically she is probably most widely celebrated for her darkly tragic story The Yellow Wallpaper. The focus of this essay collection is Gilmana€™s utopianism. Her best-known and critically addressed novel is Herland, and several contributors revisit it in order to deepen our understanding of the complexity of Gilmana€™s utopian vision. The lesser-known Moving the Mountain a€“ deserving of more attention than it has received a€“ is the subject of a full essay, and other essays explore utopian ideas in Gilmana€™s short stories.Again, then, we see evidence of the current trend in Gilman scholarship to acknowledge and explore, rather than suppress, ... The adventurousness of Gilmana#39;s narrative techniques is well demonstrated in the next two essays in the volume.

Title:A Very Different Story
Author:Val Gough, Jill Rudd
Publisher:Liverpool University Press - 1998


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