A William Appleman Williams Reader

A William Appleman Williams Reader

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William Appleman Williams, who died in 1990, was arguably the most influential and controversial historian of his generation. His revisionist writings, especially in American diplomatic history, forced historians and others to abandon old clichAcs and confront disturbing questions about America's behavior in the world. Williams defined America's social, moral, constitutional, and economic development in uncompromising, iconoclastic, and original terms. He saw history as qa way of learning;q and applied the principle brilliantly in books and essays which have altered our vision of the American past and present. In this rich collection, Henry Berger has drawn from Williams's most important writingsa€”including qThe Tragedy of American Diplomacy, q qThe Contours of American History, q and qThe Roots of the Modern American Empireq to present his key arguments. There are twenty-one selections in all, from books, essays, and articles, including two never before published. Mr. Berger has added notes to the selections and an enlightening introduction which explores Williams's career and ideas. This is an exceptionally valuable book.a€œThe more I got out in the world, a€ he observed, a€œthe more I thought they were good values and that I was supposed to do something. ... Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, from which he graduated in the spring of 1944. ... introduction from materials in the Wallace interview, from William G. Robbinsa#39;s essay in Lloyd C. Gardner, ed., Reddining the Past: Essay: in Diplomatic History in Honor of Williamanbsp;...

Title:A William Appleman Williams Reader
Author:Henry W. Berger
Publisher:Ivan R. Dee - 1992-10-01


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