A Wireless Medical Surveillance System

A Wireless Medical Surveillance System

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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This thesis has the development of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based on an Electro-Cardiogram (ECG) analysis system as its main theme. The system measures cardiac signals using two surface ECG leads from which individual heartbeats and pulse trends are extracted. Processed information can be presented on any Bluetooth enabled Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The system combines several technologies, e.g. signal measuring and forming unit, DSP hard- and software and a WAP1 server with Bluetooth interface. A basis for this project was a master's thesis that investigates and implements WAP over Bluetooth (see Chapters 5 and 6). The focus of this work is hardware and software design of the ECG measurement and DSP system. The DSP software includes implementation of medical real-time algorithms for heart beat detection, average beat and pulse trend calculation. All algorithms have been implemented using the C language. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Inhaltsverzeichnis: Abstract2 Acknowledgement3 Contents4 Figures6 1.Introduction8 1.1System overview8 1.2Functional description9 2.Introduction into heart anatomy, cardiac signals and measuring methods10 2.1The heart and the atrial contraction10 2.2Cardiac signal characterization and measuring methods12 3.Hardware14 3.1Hardware architecture14 3.2Analog measurement hardware design14 3.2.1System architecture15 3.2.2Patient safety aspects16 3.2.3Detailed system description17 3.3DSP hardware26 3.3.1Development board overview26 3.3.2TI TMS320C5402 DSP features27 3.3.3DSP and DSP board integration29 4.Software31 4.1DSP software architecture31 4.2Main program32 4.3Sensor data acquisition and voltage supervision33 4.3.1McBSP33 4.3.2DMA controller36 4.3.3Timer operation39 4.4Digital signal processing40 4.4.1Signal preprocessing41 4.4.2Beat detection and pulse calculation49 4.4.3Average beat and pulse trend calculation50 4.4.4Preamplifier gain setting51 4.5WAP server communication51 4.5.1UART51 4.5.2EWS commands and UART ISR52 4.6Labview PC-application53 5.Embedded WAP-server55 5.1Wireless Application Protocol55 5.1.1The WAP concept55 5.1.2WAP servers57 5.2Embedded WAP server (EWS)57 5.3Medical surveillance WAP application58 6.Bluetooth interface60 6.1Introduction into Bluetooth60 6.2WAP over Bluetooth (WOB) Implementation62 7.Conclusions63 8.References64 Appendix A - ECG measurements hardware65 Appendix B - DSP software source code73 Appendix C - Labview PC application source code90As earlier stated, the DSP software performs real-time medical analysis and data exchange for ECG sensor data acquisition ... Code Composer Studio offers C and Assembler programming support for the TIa#39;5000 DSP series and is a powerful tool ... Breakpoints, watch windows for variables and registers, timing diagrams and memory windows allow comfortable DSP ... The DMA Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) is used to inform the main program that new analysis data are available.

Title:A Wireless Medical Surveillance System
Author:Michael Krause
Publisher:diplom.de - 2003-09-22


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