A World Torn Apart

A World Torn Apart

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This collection of essays derives from a conference on Violence, Culture and Identity held in St Andrews in June 2003. It is a contribution to the understanding of representations of violence in Latin American narrative. The collected essays are dedicated to the study of the problematic history of violence as a means of a€˜civilizinga€™ the region: violence used by dictatorial regimes to eradicate the collective memory of their actions; violence as a result of the history of marginalizing segments of the population; sexual violence as an attempt at complete control of the victim. The essays establish a clear link between historical, political and literary constructs spanning the past five hundred years of Latin American history. Close readings of political texts, historical documents, prose, poetry and films employ identity theories, postcolonial discourse, and the principles of mimetic and sacrificial violence. The volume adds to the ongoing critical investigation of the relationship between Latin American history and narrative, and to the key role of representations of violence within that narrative tradition.They live their hopes, dreams, disappointments, joys and tragedies against a backdrop of deprivation and the fear of being caught in the crossfire. Manual PrAitico do Odio is another memorial to lost comrades, naming them in the dedication soanbsp;...

Title:A World Torn Apart
Author:Victoria Carpenter
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2007


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