Abe’s Guide to September/October Wildflowers

Abe’s Guide to September/October Wildflowers

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This wildflower identification guide includes over twenty common fall blooming wildflowers with photographs. Abea€™s Guide to September/October Wildflowers allows easier identification of wildflowers in the field because it is composed only of the late summer and early fall. Late summer blooming wildflowers tend to be flowers of the vast great American prairie. The prairies occupied the interior of the North American continent and supported a cornucopia of flowers, grasses and herbs. The prairies have disappeared and these former prairie wildflowers now occupy sunny meadows and roadsides throughout the Midwest. These prairie wildflowers follow the early spring wildflowers in the bloom cycle and will continue blooming until autumn. These late summer flowers brighten the landscape with their color, their nectar feeds a myriad of insects and the leaves serve as food for many animals that graze on them. The resulting seeds also serve as a valuable food source for birds and rodents. Abea€™s Guide to September/October Wildflowers continues the tradition begun by the first two books in the series. It shows the wildflowers roughly in the order that they appear in the field, allowing the wildflower enthusiast an opportunity to find them easier than in other wildflower identification guides that group them using other criteria. The guide also groups them by color, providing another tool to easier identification. Bear in mind that flower appearance can vary due to the flowers geographic location, altitude and weather conditions. All of these factors can cause variegations in bloom time from year to year. Abea€™s Guide to September/October Wildflowers also includes an explanation of the botanical name system used by horticulturists to classify plants, and some sources to obtain wildflower seed to grow in your garden or wildflower meadow. It is the fourth wildflower identification guide in the qA Year of Wildflowersq wildflower guide series. This series will portray the wildflowers of Indiana as they progress throughout the year. The series commences with Abea€™s Guide to April Wildflowers. It ends with Abea€™s Guide to September/October Wildflowers. Though written for Indiana, the guide should be useful for those living in southern Ohio and Illinois as well, though there will certainly be regional variations. There will be at least twenty wildflowers and photographs in each guidebook. You will be able to download each of these books and take them out on hikes to help you identify the flowers you see along the trail, in meadows or other wild places. There will be a softbound edition of all the volumes of this wildflower guide series available sometime in 2015. Regrettably, the combined volumes are too large for an ebook edition.A Field Guide For Wildflower Identification Abe Edwards. Large Leaved Aster, BigLeaved Aster Botanical Name: Eurybia macrophylla Family: Asteraceae Light: Full Sun, Part Shade, Shade Soil: Rich sand or loam Hardiness Zone: USDA Zoneanbsp;...

Title:Abe’s Guide to September/October Wildflowers
Author:Abe Edwards
Publisher:Mossy Feet Books -


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