Abortion and the Ways We Value Human Life

Abortion and the Ways We Value Human Life

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In this text, Jeffrey Reiman argues that an overlooked clue to the solution of the moral problem lies in the unusual way in which we value the lives of individual human beings - namely, that we value them irreplaceably. We think it is not only wrong to kill an innocent human child or adult, but that it would not be made right by replacing the dead one with another living one, or even several.The second reviews the main arguments about the morality of abortion a€” both pro-life and pro-choice a€” and shows that ... The third presents my own argument for the moral permissibility of abortion, as well as a sketch of the various ways in ... It may seem odd to begin an essay in moral philosophy with a chapter on history.

Title:Abortion and the Ways We Value Human Life
Author:Jeffrey H. Reiman
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 1999


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