About Fred

About Fred

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About Fred: Ghost Dad and the Stalker captivates the readers through the use of humor and sarcasm to describe what life was like when living with an alcoholic spouse. The unique title of this book is based on a true account of the authorAis life, which became a living nightmare after being haunted and stalked every day of the week for a decade. Elizabeth dreaded leaving or returning home, as she found there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.The author feels this book will relate to others, because at some point in all of our lives trouble seeks us out and knocks on our doors.ElizabethAis novel aimed to alert women to be more aware of the strange and suspicious actions of men who appear everywhere they go, and to not dismiss their behaviors as coincidental. The author was vulnerable and unsuspecting of stalking behaviors. She now knows they should be taken serious and not lightly.The author decided to break her silence by writing this novel after telling a friend what she had experienced during this time period, which was far from lifeAis normal events.Even though I proved the dealer didna#39;t perform the work it claimed, I was dealt another unfair blow by a man in a decision making position. ... One morning Aunt Elmira drove me to work in my car, he spotted me in the car from a bus stop. ... Every time he spotted me, he continued retaliating by appearing on the bus the same day or the next day making sure he was keeping my fear intact with ... was glad he had to sit in the rear of the bus and believed he wasna#39;t going to exit it right away.

Title:About Fred
Author:Elizabeth Rudolph
Publisher:Dorrance Publishing - 2012-06-26


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