Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

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This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject of acoustics, including the principles of human perception of sound, sometimes called psychoacoustics. Acoustics and Psychoacoustics is ideal for students of music technology, sound recording, traditional music and acoustics, as well as engineers studying audio, multimedia and communications systems. Anyone who wants a practical understanding of how real musical sounds behave and are perceived in real spaces, will find this an accessible and interesting read. Subjects featured include: Principles of sound Human hearing and psychoacoustics Musical timbre, pitch and loudness perception Sound generation in musical instruments Sound in different environments (architectural acoustics) Processing sound electronically The book's second edition provides new material on wave motion, brass and woodwind instruments, forward and backward masking, an introduction to coding, and diffusion. Additional references and marginal notes explaining basic terms are provided to aid understanding. Supporting website: Visit the book's supporting website, designed by author David Howard, for additional resources: Questions and exercises to test your knowledge Web links for further resources and research Audio clips Calculation facilities (eg. adding decibel values and converting between frequency ratio and cents/semitones) The website can also be reached via Professor David M Howard lectures on music technology at the University of York's Electronics Department. His research interests include the analysis and synthesis of music, speech and singing, human hearing modelling and the use of computer displays in voice teaching. He is an active organist, choral singer and choral conductor. Dr James Angus was an instigator of the music technology courses at York, where he formerly lectured. He is now an independent consultant and researches in the area of acoustics, in particular diffuser design and audio signal processing. Acoustics and Psychoacoustics is part of the Focal Press Music Technology Series. *A broad-ranging introduction to acoustics and psychoacoustics *Highly accessible for students requiring a practical understanding of the subject *Supporting website features exam questions and links to online sourcesSection 2.1 describes how the inner ear carries out a frequency analysis of sound due to the mechanical properties of the basilar membrane ... Suppose two pure tones, or sine waves, with amplitudes A1 and A2 and frequencies F1 and F2 respectively are sounded together. ... As soon as F2 is moved higher (lower) than F1 a sound with a clearly undulating amplitude variations known as beats is heard.

Title:Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
Author:David Martin Howard, James A. S. Angus, Jamie Angus
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2001


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