Action Movie Freak

Action Movie Freak

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Written by woman of action Katrina qAction Flick Chickq Hill, Action Movie Freak is packed with spine-tingling excitement and thrilling moments that make action movies a beloved genre for those who crave crashing cars, exploding buildings, and faces getting kicked six ways to Sunday. With badass heroes that ain't got time to bleed, women warriors, thrilling chases and outrageous fisticuffs, Action Movie Freak celebrates a wide variety of more than 100 movies that have left audiences on the edge of their seats. Complete movie reviews are divided into various sub-genres including Classics That Defined the Genre (The Bond movies of the 1960s, qBullit, q qDirty Harryq) Bloodiest Action Movies (qNinja Assassin, q qRamboq series, qRoboCopq) and Action From the Far East (qBangkok Knockout, q qOng Bak, q qIp Manq). The book also spotlights specific action heroes/actors, and features 250 color photos and movie posters, as well as fun Top 10 lists, including best one-liners and most over-the-top kills.Bullitt. DIRECTED BY Peter Yates WRITTEN BY Alan Trustman (screenplay), Harry Kleiner (screenplay), Robert L. Fish (novel, Mute ... The chase scene was so popular that the Ford Mustang, the car used for the scene, became famous for it and is still referred to as the Bullitt car. ... Heritage Auctions witness that politician, Chalmers (Robert Vaughn), intends to use to take down a Chicago mob boss andanbsp;...

Title:Action Movie Freak
Author:Katrina Hill
Publisher:Krause Publications - 2012-10-11


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