Actor, Inc

Actor, Inc

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Each year thousands of actors descend upon New York City, Los Angeles, and other major cities with dreams of making it big. But of the 100, 000 or more professional actors in the U.S. only about 2 to 3 percent of them actually earn a living on stage or screen. It's a tough business, and even talented people give up the profession due to financial insecurity. Too bad they didn't read Actor, Inc. You've got to pay your dues before you pay the rent - that's why so many actors find themselves waiting on tables while waiting for parts. Actor, Inc. sees it differently. Jamie Grady shows you how to take charge, blend your personal and professional lives, and become an artistic entrepreneur. Grady leaves the artistry to you but shows you basic money-management techniques for staying afloat, and more advanced ideas that give you the financial freedom to get ahead. Grady interviews members of the field for tips on everything a professional actor should know not only to survive but to make a living - and maybe even retire one day: defining success to avoid failure setting financial goals you can reach organizing an efficient home office - even if it's only your couch managing your time so you don't run out of it prioritizing your spending when saving is a priority making debt go away...and stay away investing for retirement even if you aren't established making sure Uncle Sam gets his so he doesn't get you. Don't become a starving artist. With its resources, exercises, forms, and street smarts, Actor, Inc. is the book that makes acting work for you.Paying Off and Managing Bad Debt In a country awash with debt, it may not seem like a big deal to have a bit of debt. ... A small amount of credit card debt can also be good since it provides a record of your ability to manage and repay debt.

Title:Actor, Inc
Author:Jamie Grady
Publisher:Heinemann Drama - 2007


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