Adaptive Numerical Solution of PDEs

Adaptive Numerical Solution of PDEs

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Numerical mathematics is a subtopic ofscientific computing. The focuslies on the efficiencyof algorithms, i.e. speed, reliability, and robustness.This leads to adaptive algorithms.The theoreticalderivation und analysesof algorithmsare kept as elementary as possible in this book; the neededsligtly advancedmathematical theory is summarized in the appendix.Numerous figures and illustrating examples explain the complex data, as non-trivial examples serve problems from nanotechnology, chirurgy, and physiology. The bookaddressesstudents as well aspractitioners inmathematics, naturalsciences, and engineering.It is designed as atextbook but also suitable for self study.Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues. Springer, 1993. A. Gentry. The origins of lift. of_lift.pdf, 2006. A. George and ... Introduction: Theory and applications of spectral methods . In R.G.anbsp;...

Title:Adaptive Numerical Solution of PDEs
Author:Peter Deuflhard, Martin Weiser
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 2012-08-31


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