Advanced Course in Oriental Occultism

Advanced Course in Oriental Occultism

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The twelve lessons forming this volume were originally issued in the shape of monthly lessons. a€‹ a€‹ These lessons were intended as a continuation of, or sequel to a€œThe Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultisma€ issued during the previous year. We have been urged to print these a€œAdvanced Coursea€ lessons in book form, and the present volume is the result. a€‹ a€‹Lessons i to iv, inclusive, consist of an analysis and explanation of the little occult manual known as a€œLight on the Path, a€ and have been highly praised by lovers of that little book as well as advanced students in occultism. They are said to be superior to anything ever written along these lines. a€‹ a€‹Lessons v to vii, inclusive, treat of the several branches of the Yogi Philosophy indicated by their titles. They contain very much information in a small space. a€‹ a€‹Lessons viii and ix, treat of Dharma, the Yogi philosophy of Ethics or Right Action. They have been favorably received by students of ethics, and teachers of morality of different schools. Lessons x to xii, inclusive, form a wonderful trio of lessons upon the higher Yogi metaphysical and scientific teachings. Their clearness and comprehensiveness is startling, and the most perplexing metaphysical and scientific questions are answered in the simplest manner by the centuries old, Yogi philosophy expressed in modern terms.Here follows the next command from the little manual: Thou who are now a disciple, able to stand, able to hear, able to see, able to ... to selfa€knowledge, is to have retreated to the inner fortress from whence the personal man can be viewed with impartiality; to have seen thy ... of gazing upon the blazing light without dropping the eyes, and not falling back in terror as though before some ghastly phantom.

Title:Advanced Course in Oriental Occultism
Author:Yogi Ramacharaka
Publisher:Yogi Ramacharaka - 2015-03-19


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