AdvancED Flex 4

AdvancED Flex 4

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AdvancED Flex 4 makes advanced Flex 4 concepts and techniques easy. Ajax, RIA, Web 2.0, mashups, mobile applications, the most sophisticated web tools, and the coolest interactive web applications are all covered with practical, visually oriented recipes. Completely updated for tools new to Flex 4 Demonstrates how to use Flex 4 to create robust and scalable enterprise-grade rich Internet applications Teaches you to build high-performance web applications with interactivity that really engages your users What youa€™ll learn Practiced beginners and intermediate users of Flex, especially those with a knowledge of other web development tools, will learn to leverage Flex 4a€™s new tools and capabilities to build truly advanced web applications. Get the most out of the new features introduced in Flex 4 Integrate Flex 4 with PHP, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails Leverage architectural and design patterns Create mashups and collaborative applications using Flex 4 Build rich media applications using audio and video streaming and open-source 3D libraries Tune the performance of your Flex applications Who this book is for This book is for web developers who want and need to create rich Internet applications on time and within budget. It is also for all Flex developers including those upgrading from Flex 3, intermediate users who want to build their skills to an advanced level, and other web developers who want to integrate their web tools with Flex. Table of Contents Building Applications Using Test-Driven Development Turbo-Charging Data Binding Workflow enhancements with Flash Catalyst Flex and AIR: Taking Applications to the Desktop 20 Enhancements Overview Creating Themes in Flex 4 Integrating Flex with Java Using Services Integrating via Data Services Talking with JavaScript and HTML: Web Page Integration Flex Mashups Flash Security Migrating Web 10 Interfaces to RIA Working with Web 20 APIs Facilitating Audio and Video Using 3D in FlexOpen Image Directory menu item, File menu, 124 Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), 461 Open Video Player (OVP) ... 477, 494 PDF (Portable Document Format), 118a€“119 PDFSupport project, 118 PeopleCollection class, 263, 265a€“266, 269 ... 480a€“481 PlayerEvent, 479 players music, creating AbstractPlayer, 472a€“475 IPlayer, 472 music player GUI, 481a€“483 ... 213a€“215 POST method, 209, 214a€“216, 223, 237, 311, 335 preinitializeHandler method, 55 Premiere Pro CS5, Adobe, anbsp;...

Title:AdvancED Flex 4
Author:Shashank Tiwari, Elad Elrom, Charlie Schulze
Publisher:Apress - 2010-08-18


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