Advanced Lasers

Advanced Lasers

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Presenting a blend of applied and fundamental research in highly interdisciplinary subjects of rapidly developing areas, this book contains contributions on the frontiers and hot topics of laser physics, laser technology and laser engineering, and covers a wide range of laser topics, from all-optical signal processing and chaotic optical communication to production of superwicking surfaces, correction of extremely high-power beams, and generation of ultrabroadband spectra. It presents both review-type contributions and well researched and documented case studies, and is intended for graduate students, young scientist, and emeritus scientist working/studying in laser physics, optoelectronics, optics, photonics, and adjacent areas. The book contains both experimental and theoretical studies, as well as combinations of these two, which is known to be a most useful and interesting form of reporting scientific results, allowing students to really learn from each contribution. The book contains over 130 illustrations.Header Payload a1 b1 a2 b2 a3 b3 a4 b4 Data signal (0Ad) Set (0Ad) VCSEL Data signal (0Ad) Set (0Ad) Reset (90Ad) VCSELinput Switching threshold Polarizer (0Ad) Input port ... The light for the reset pulses was generated by another tunable laser .

Title:Advanced Lasers
Author:Oleksiy Shulika, Igor Sukhoivanov
Publisher:Springer - 2015-04-28


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