Advanced Lectures on the Starburst-AGN Connection

Advanced Lectures on the Starburst-AGN Connection

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A group of leading experts in the field of starbursts and active galactic nuclei have joined hands to produce this review volume which covers the starburst-AGN connection, and the tests to be carried out with the upcoming new astronomical facilities to ascertain the relevance of both components to the formation and evolution of galaxies. The book is addressed to advanced graduate students and researchers in the fields of active galactic nuclei and young galaxies. Contents: A Mexican Election a€” Special Report (J Ryan O'Bible)Variability of Active Galactic Nuclei (B M Peterson)Unification of AGN (R W Goodrich)Physical Processes in Starburst and Active Galaxies (H Netzer)Accretion and Emission Processes in AGN (S Collin)Fueling the AGN (F Combes)Massive Stars in Active Galactic Nuclei (R J Terlevich)The Evolution of QSOs (B J Boyle) Readership: Graduate students, researchers and lecturers in astrophysics. Keywords:Starbursts;Active Galactic Nuclei;Starburst-AGN Connection;Astronomical Facilities;GalaxiesReviews:a€œThis volume is well edited and would be an excellent place to begin for a postgraduate student to read up on AGNs. The discussions on the starburst-AGN connection by Combes and Terlevich may also be the best place between hard covers to find material on this very timely subject.a€Contemporary PhysicsNote than in this diagram there is no relationship between line stregth and velocity dispersion for normal galaxies. ... have used the fact that the M/L ratio is lower in stellar clusters in which the light is dominated by RSG stars than in those thatanbsp;...

Title:Advanced Lectures on the Starburst-AGN Connection
Author:Itziar Aretxaga, Raúl Mújica, Daniel Kunth
Publisher:World Scientific - 2001-04-24


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