Advanced Microprocessors And Microcontroller

Advanced Microprocessors And Microcontroller

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16 bit microprocessors, 8086/8088 CPU architecture, Memory organization, Interfacing addressing modes, Instruction set, Programming examples, Pseudo opcodes, Assembler directives.Interfacing of peripherals 8255, 8253, 8253 and 8251. Interfacing of ADC and DAC, Stepper motor, Serial communication standards RS232, I2C Bus.Architecture, Organization operation and interfacing of 8259, ICWs, OCWs, Cascading 8279-keyboard display mode, Sensor matrix mode, Command words and programming DTMF transreceiver (Mittel 8880), Real time clock, DS 1307, EEPROM.8086/88 maximum mode, 8087 architecture, 80386 architecture, Real and protected mode, 8237 DMA controller, Organization, Control words.8051 family architecture, Pin diagram, Operation, Ports, Addressing modes, Internal and external memory, SFR, Flags, Organization, Counters and timers, Serial communication.8051 instruction set, Interrupts, Programming exercises for interfaced with keyboard, LED matrix, Time delays, Serial communications.Sketch block din-yam shoiving basic 8086 minimum mode system. Explain functions of 8282 latches and 8286 tramrener. 12. Define bus cycU, tr-id explain the minimum mode read and write bus cycle with proper timing diagram. 13. Explainanbsp;...

Title:Advanced Microprocessors And Microcontroller
Author:D.A.Godse A.P.Godse
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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