Advanced Nanoelectronics

Advanced Nanoelectronics

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While theories based on classical physics have been very successful in helping experimentalists design microelectronic devices, new approaches based on quantum mechanics are required to accurately model nanoscale transistors and to predict their characteristics even before they are fabricated. Advanced Nanoelectronics provides research information on advanced nanoelectronics concepts, with a focus on modeling and simulation. Featuring contributions by researchers actively engaged in nanoelectronics research, it develops and applies analytical formulations to investigate nanoscale devices. The book begins by introducing the basic ideas related to quantum theory that are needed to better understand nanoscale structures found in nanoelectronics, including graphenes, carbon nanotubes, and quantum wells, dots, and wires. It goes on to highlight some of the key concepts required to understand nanotransistors. These concepts are then applied to the carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNTFET). Several chapters cover graphene, an unzipped form of CNT that is the recently discovered allotrope of carbon that has gained a tremendous amount of scientific and technological interest. The book discusses the development of the graphene nanoribbon field effect transistor (GNRFET) and its use as a possible replacement to overcome the CNT chirality challenge. It also examines silicon nanowire (SiNW) as a new candidate for achieving the downscaling of devices. The text describes the modeling and fabrication of SiNW, including a new top-down fabrication technique. Strained technology, which changes the properties of device materials rather than changing the device geometry, is also discussed. The book ends with a look at the technical and economic challenges that face the commercialization of nanoelectronics and what universities, industries, and government can do to lower the barriers. A useful resource for professionals, researchers, and scientists, this work brings together state-of-the-art technical and scientific information on important topics in advanced nanoelectronics.vapora€“liquida€“solid (VLS) mechanism, 303a€“305, 306 very high frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition advantages, 307 diagram, 308 H Heisenberg ... see Substitutional doping Insulator nanowires, 298 Interband energy transitions, 37 Intercalation doping, 72a€“73 ... model, 24a€“25 L Landauer formula BGN conductance, 165, 173a€“174, 198 conductance of monolayer graphene nanoribbon, anbsp;...

Title:Advanced Nanoelectronics
Author:Razali Ismail, Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi, Sohail Anwar
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-12-17


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