Advances in Bladder Research

Advances in Bladder Research

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The aim of Bladder Research Congress, San Francisco, California, April 23-25, 1998, was to provide a forum for authoritative investigators who are actively involved in the various disciplines which define the leading edges of bladder research. It is important for such investigators to continue to meet regularly for the purpose of discussing the latest developments in their individual fields, to analyze the significance of current research, to discuss new tactics for unresolved problems, to critically evaluate current theories, and to develop new theories and approaches as needed. The two and a half day meeting was organized into five half day sessions, with each session encompassing one of five topics: (1) Epithelial-Mesenchymal Interactions; (2) Ex tracellular Matrix and Muscle; (3) Nerves and Pharmacology; (4) Infection and Immunol ogy; and (5) Oncology. Each session was introduced by a moderator followed by five to six invited expert speakers with time for extensive interaction from the participants. Two late-afternoon poster sessions allowed further interactions between investigators. This book documents the proceedings of the Bladder Research Congress. It is organ ized into the five half-day sessions of the meeting with moderators overview and an edited transcription of discussions that followed each presentation. I would like to thank Sarah Burke and the Office of Continuing Medical Education, USCF; Joanne Hayward, Editorial Assistant; and Miriam Escamilla, Administrative Assis tant. I hope you find this resource useful. Laurence S. Baskin, M.D.Elastin concentration was determined from the cyanogen bromide insoluble tissue residue, since elastin contains no ... Passive compliance (muscle tone ablated) was determined in the same fashion following overnight incubation in calcium-free ... In contrast, the EDS diverticular wall (B) had a thickened urothelium (U), less dense connective tissue in the lamina ... smooth muscle cells organized into bundles or fasicles (Figure 2B) as compared to control diverticulum (Figure 2A).

Title:Advances in Bladder Research
Author:Laurence S. Baskin, Simon Hayward
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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