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This may be one of the most important books you will ever read. It identifies, defines, describes, analyzes, and suggests actions to take toward a highly pervasive social phenomenon that social scientists should have recognized at least a century ago. Somehow the social scientific community has always overlooked this phenomenon, even though it affects, if not envelops, a large majority of people in modern society. This phenomenon is likely one of the leading causes of frustration, stress, fatigue, disappointment, disillusionment, depression, unhappiness, anger, quarrels, road rage, violence, substance abuse, domestic abuse, neurosis, and perhaps even suicides in modern civilization. This is the phenomenon of qafriationsq. Don't try to look that term up in any source other than this text. It's a term the author had to coin for this concept which has yet to be academically identified. Yet afriats are probably the most complained about topic of conversation, and for tens of millions of Americans, they cause some of our most dreaded problems. With the simple understanding of afriations, and a basic knowledge of how to interact with afriats, we can avoid much of the stress and grief caused by afriations.Hopefully this might loosen some of the control that the large recording syndicates have long held over the industry. ... I can only present this outlook from my perspective as an interested social observer. ... A few decades ago, my hometown, like most medium-sized American cities, had a large number of small auto repairanbsp;...

Author:Richard Bird Baker
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-11-24


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