Africa and the European Union

Africa and the European Union

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This volume offers the most comprehensive, critical, and up-to-date analysis of the dynamics affecting EU-Africa relations since the adoption of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES) in 2007. Drawing on a multidisciplinary approach, the book provides a robust theoretical, conceptual, and analytical analysis for understanding the evolving Africa-EU relationship under the JAES, its promises and pitfalls, as well as the many challenges and opportunities the two partners face as they seek to transform what has historically been a dependent and client-patron relationship into a partnership that better reflects our changing world and Africa's growing strategic importance in it. Intended as a reappraisal of the JAES's first five years, the book will enrich the study of Africa-EU relations by complementing traditional frameworks of analysis centered on the nation-state (colonization, marginalization, imperialism, and dependency) with theoretical and analytical approaches rooted in interregionalism and the increasingly instrumental role of the European Union and the African Union, as regional organizations, in shaping the policies and actions of their respective member states.Leder and Shapiro, a€œThis Time Ita#39;s Different, a€ 2840a€“2842; Charles et al., a€œ Transport Energy Futures, a€.1147. ... COM(2000) 769 final, 2001, a€ http://www. stratim-wp/pdf/green-paper.pdf (accessed June 2009).

Title:Africa and the European Union
Author:Jack Mangala
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2012-12-28


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