After the Light

After the Light

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qDeath is nothing to fear-and life without fear can be lived to the fullest.qThis is Kimberly Clark Sharp's message from her extraordinary experience during the time after her heart suddenly stopped beating and she lay on the sidewalk, not breathing, and without a pulse. Swept into a peaceful loving place of brilliant golden light and warm comfort, she saw, for the first time, the meaning of life-and death.Thereafter, Kimberly, with hamster Toto at her side, left Kansas for Seattle-known as qthe Emerald Cityq-to fulfill a destiny devoted to the service of others as foreseen at the end of her near-death experience. Guided by a new sensitivity to the presence of angels, demons and other invisibilities, Kimberly attained a Masters degree in Social Work at the University of Washington and began a career in medical social work that put her in direct contact with dying people-and people who almost died and came back.It is the inspirational stories of these near-death experiences, as well as Kimberly's own life challenges in love, family life and the diagnosis of breast cancer, that form the core of this surprisingly funny page-turner of a book.What I Discovered on the Other Side of Life That Can Change Your World Kimberly Clark Sharp ... Sorely tempted to ask him to go over and shoot my house, I asked instead to use his phone and called the emergency service number for ... The utility man did a full inside and outside assessment of the electric system and changed every fuse in both boxes before suggesting that the old house be rewired.

Title:After the Light
Author:Kimberly Clark Sharp
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003


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