Agenda for the Nation

Agenda for the Nation

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In Agenda for the Nation, leading scholars from the Brookings Institution and prominent universities and think tanks analyze the major domestic and foreign policy challenges facing the United States over the next decade.The contributors explore the challenges and opportunities arising from the war on terrorism, economic growth, globalization, and an increasingly diversea€”and aginga€”society.The chapters and contributors (from Brookings unless otherwise indicated) include:-U.S. Foreign Policy in an Era of Globalization: Ivo H. Daalder and James M. Lindsay-U.S. Military Policy: Michael E. O'Hanlon-Fighting Terrorism: Stephen Simon, International Institute for Strategic Studies-The International Economy and Financial Controls: Lael Brainard and Robert E. Litan-Making the Most of Diversity: James M. Lindsay and Audrey Singer-Energy and Environmental Policy: Paul Portney, Resources for the Future and Howard Gruenspecht, Resources for the Future-Sustaining Economic Growth: Lawrence Katz, Harvard University, Claudia Goldin, Harvard University, and Bradford DeLong, University of California-Budget Prospects: William Gale-Restoring Seriousness to Government: Pietro S. Nivola-The Policy Process: James Q. Wilson, University of California-Promoting and Protecting the Nation's Health: Victor Fuchs, Stanford University and Alan Garber, Stanford University-Inequality: Is it Rising, Falling, or Staying the Same, and What Can We Do About It? Gary Burtless, and Christopher Jencks, Harvard University-Reforming Pensions: Peter Orszag-Rights, Liberties, and Security: Stuart Taylor, National Journal7-9 ( tistics/IMMOOyrbk/IMM2000.pdf [ accessed February 2003]). ... 2-3 ( pdf[accessed February 2003]). 1 3. Roberto Suro and Audrey Singer, aquot;Latino Growth ... On the dispute over measuring the number of Muslims CHANGING FACES 253.

Title:Agenda for the Nation
Author:Henry J. Aaron, James M. Lindsay, Pietro S. Nivola
Publisher:Brookings Institution Press - 2003-07-29


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