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Anne Stephens (Khadijah) from Bristol, UK, the wife of: Ahmad Darwish from Egypt, living most of his life in USA and his first son is: Syekh Abdul Al Qadir Al Jailani born in Indonesia, inheriting over 700 books in Arabic, English, Indonesian and Javanese of www.Allah.com www.Muhammad.com and over 1890 books which are a draft collection of 21 books in 90 languages, as the most comprehensive standardization of Islamic knowledge as a proof that fanatics Salafi Wahhabi (Al Qaeda a ISIS) are not in keeping with the spirit of peace of Islam which Azhar of Egypt its leading global authority. Enjoy3 Ibn Khaldun, also refuted this number in his aquot;Introduction; Muqaddimmaaquot; saying that, according to the researches made by the scholars, the ... Let us now proceed to find out the truth about the Book of Joshua, the next book in importance.

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