AIMbitious: A Life of Enlightened Self-Leadership

AIMbitious: A Life of Enlightened Self-Leadership

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It began with a letter Scott wrote to the CEO of his company. Amidst the economic turmoil brought on by the 2008 financial crisis, senior management solicited feedback from employees on ways to improve the operations of the firm going forward. The message resonated with Scott. He sensed a different way of doing thingsa€”that by examining company values and focusing on teamwork, the firm could achieve economic profit and create a workforce of engaged, fulfilled team members. Completing this exercise had profound meaning for him. Scott began to see the power of identifying core values, establishing team culture, and developing an action plan for success. The letter turned into a blueprint for creating a new career and a life of purpose. In an enlightening account of Scotta€™s journey of introspection and inspiration, he provides a how-to guide for transforming any area of life and delivers one profound message: living a life of fulfillment is predicated on honoring your passion and purpose and contributing meaningfully to others around you. In this moment of economic rebirth and global self-examination, there has never been a better time to follow your heart and claim ownership for your true identity. Wea€”the world and individualsa€”cannot afford to ignore those internal impulses that are telling each of us to believe in ourselves and honor what we are most passionate about creating and contributing in our lives. The stakesa€”political, economic, social, and spirituala€”are just too high not to. Join Scott as he teaches you: How to find your passion and turn it into a life of meaning What the difference is between a career and a calling What your a€œTrajectory of Purposea€ is and how defining it now will improve your life forever How to start your own company from scratch and establish values of lasting success How to create a a€œMindset of Opportunitya€ and see the world as a team effort How to live a life of self-leadership that allows you to call the shots and be the architect of your own life The timea€”as alwaysa€”is now!In college, I joined a Sidekicks program and was a mentor to an elementary- school student for a few years whose parents were ... Upon arriving to New York City in 2005, my firm supported a few high school mentorship programs for local youth who were looking to get ... at Colgate and helped numerous juniors and seniors each year prepare for interviews, polish their resumes, and gain focus on what ... I could tell that this would be a good matcha€”I just had a good feeling about it.

Title:AIMbitious: A Life of Enlightened Self-Leadership
Author:Scott A. Annan
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-01-29


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