Alan S. Milward and Contemporary European History

Alan S. Milward and Contemporary European History

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Alan S. Milward was a renowned historian of contemporary Europe. In addition to his books, as well as articles and chapters in edited books, he also wrote nearly 250 book reviews and review articles, some in French and German, which were published in journals world-wide. Taken together they reveal a remarkable degree of theoretical consistency in his approach to understanding the history of Europe since the French Revolution. This book brings together these previously unexamined pieces of historical analysis in order to trace and shed light on key intellectual debates taking place in the second half of the 20th century. Many of these discussions continue to influence us today, such as the role of Germany in Europe, the economic, social and political foundations of European integration, the European rescue of the nation-state, the reasons for launching the single currency, the conditions for retaining the allegiance of European citizens to the notions of nation and supra-nation, and ultimately the issue of democratic governance in a global environment. In bringing together these reviews and review articles, the book provides an introduction to the main scholarly achievements of Milward, in his own words. Fernando Guirao and Frances M.B. Lynch provide an introduction to the volume, which both guides the reader through many of the academic debates embedded within the text while underlining their contemporary relevance. By introducing and bringing together this hitherto overlooked treasure trove of historical analysis, this book maps a close itinerary of some of the most salient intellectual debates of the second half of the 20th century and beyond. This unique volume will be of great interest to scholars of economic history, European history and historiography.The most modern entry in the bibliography accompanying Charles Kindlebergera#39;s contribution dates from 1976. Why this comprehensive voyage through Europe had also to go by way of the United States and Japan remains unexplained; ... Of course the number of groups it was necessary to conciliate under a regime of limited suffrage was itself limited. ... That is most clearly grasped and used as an explanatory model in the excellent chapter by the late Professor Checkland, who anbsp;...

Title:Alan S. Milward and Contemporary European History
Author:Fernando Guirao, Frances M.B. Lynch
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-10-14


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