Alec Issigonis

Alec Issigonis

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Alec Issigonis, the brilliant British designer of the Morris Minor and the Mini, is one of the commanding figures in the history of automobile design and engineering. His ingenious and effective designs had a deep, lasting influence on the evolution of the motor car and on the wider history of industrial design, and he deserves to be ranked with the other giants of the field like Ferdinand Porsche in Germany and Dante Giacosa in Italy. But, until now, Issigonis's career as an engineer and designer, and his strong, single-minded character, have never been the subject of a full-length biography. Jonathan Wood's meticulously researched, penetrating study of this flawed genius of automobile design offers a rounded portrait of his life and work, and places him squarely in the context of his times. Vivid recollections of Issigonis's contemporaries, combined with a critical reassessment of his output, create a balanced view of a remarkable, controversial man. The author also offers a behind-the-scenes impression of the personal and corporate struggles within the declining British car industry, a complex process in which Issigonis played a famous role.... 177, 231-2, 239 Adams, Doug 188, 287 Adderley Park 52, 114 Adler Trumpf 84 Agnelli, Giovanni 241 Alfa Romeo 58, 293 Alvis 11, 38, 40-1, 49, 62, 65, 131, 146 -7, 149-70, 181-3, 187, 192-3, 196, 198, 203, 229, 253, 257, 294, 308 Alvis Ownera#39;s Club 11, 170 America 30, 36, 41-2, ... 185-6, 201 Bacon, Friar (ph) 109 Balfour, Christopher 11, 175, 201 Barber, Harry 131, 155, 159, 164 Barber, John 11, anbsp;...

Title:Alec Issigonis
Author:Jonathan Wood
Publisher:Breedon Books Publishing Company Limited - 2005


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