Algebra and Functions Workbook for NJ HSPA

Algebra and Functions Workbook for NJ HSPA

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Many students continue to struggle in high school math courses because they failed to master the basic mathematical skills. REAa€™s new Ready, Set, Go! Workbook series takes the confusion out of math, helping students raise their grades and score higher on important examsa€”including the NJ HSPA. What makes REAa€™s workbooks different? For starters, students will actually like using them. Herea€™s why: a€c Math is explained in simple language, in an easy-to-follow style a€c The workbooks allow students to learn at their own pace and master the subject a€c More than 20 lessons break down the material into the basics a€c Each lesson is fully devoted to a key math concept and includes many step-by-step examples a€c Paced instruction with drills and quizzes reinforces learning a€c The innovative a€œMath Flasha€ feature offers helpful tips and strategies in each lessona€”including advice on common mistakes to avoid a€c Skill scorecard measures the studenta€™s progress and success a€c Every answer to every question, in every test, is explained in full detail a€c A final exam is included so students can test what theya€™ve learned When students apply the skills theya€™ve mastered in our workbooks, they can do better in class, raise their grades, and score higher on the NJ HSPA. Some of the math topics covered in the Algebra a Functions Workbook include: a€c Variables and Algebraic Expressions a€c Linear Equations a€c Properties of Real Numbers a€c Word Problems a€c Proportions a€c Percents a€c Exponents a€c Factoring Whether used in a classroom, for home or self study, or with a tutor, this workbook gets students ready for important math tests and exams, set to take on new challenges, and helps them go forward in their studies!(Factoring) ($32)(18) + 30 (Inverse Variation) _ T W I 2+alt;2agt;6w. ... (Factoring) % : (Direct Variation) 4 12 12 T + W : 27 +12 : 39 (Evaluating Functions) (3) x : (18)[-2] : -15 (Solving Proportions) Multiply the first equation by 3 to ... 206 Answer Key.

Title:Algebra and Functions Workbook for NJ HSPA
Author:Mel Friedman
Publisher:Research & Education Assoc. - 2013-01-01


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