Algebra, Geometry and Their Interactions

Algebra, Geometry and Their Interactions

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This volume's papers present work at the cutting edge of current research in algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, numerical analysis, and other related fields, with an emphasis on the breadth of these areas and the beneficial results obtained by the interactions between these fields. This collection of two survey articles and sixteen refereed research papers, written by experts in these fields, gives the reader a greater sense of some of the directions in which this research is moving, as well as a better idea of how these fields interact with each other and with other applied areas. The topics include blowup algebras, linkage theory, Hilbert functions, divisors, vector bundles, determinantal varieties, (square-free) monomial ideals, multiplicities and cohomological degrees, and computer vision.S cuts the hyperplane X4 = 0 along the rational cubic curve which is the critical locus for the projection of the first body and it cuts ... a description of simulated experiments which were performed with MATLABaquot;and a compilation of sample results. ... All experiments involve the reconstruction of a projection matrix, therefore an implementation of the standard algorithm to ... Since the matrix P depends on 3k + 2 affine parameters, [(3k + 2)/2 + 1 pairs (Xi, xi) are theoretically enough to get P.

Title:Algebra, Geometry and Their Interactions
Author:Alberto Corso, Juan Carlos Migliore, Claudia Polini
Publisher:American Mathematical Soc. - 2007


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