Algebra Out Loud

Algebra Out Loud

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Algebra Out Loud is a unique resource designed for mathematics instructors who are teaching algebra I and II. This easy-to-use resource is filled with illustrative examples, strategies, activities, and lessons that will help students more easily understand mathematical text and learn the skills they need to effectively communicate mathematical concepts. Algebra Out Loud's strategies and activities will give students the edge in learning how to summarize, analyze, present, utilize and retain mathematical content. The book offers proven writing activities that will engage the students in writing about algebraic vocabulary, processes, theorems, definitions, and graphs. Algebra Out Loud gives teachers the tools they need to help their students learn how to communicate about math ideas between student and teacher, student and peers, and student and the wider world. For quick access and easy use, the activities are printed in a big 8 1/2q x 11qformat for photocopyin g and are organized into eight chapters.WHAT? Description. One of the more common writing assignments for secondary and college students in disciplines other than mathematics is the essay. Essay writing can be a powerful assessment tool for both the mathematics teacher andanbsp;...

Title:Algebra Out Loud
Author:Pat Mower
Publisher:Jossey-Bass - 2003-11-11


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