All the Ideas Living in My Head

All the Ideas Living in My Head

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A bunch of ideas are running around in Don Everts's head. Some are permanent residents. Others are visitors, just passing through. When they all get together, some odd things start happening. It's one thing when the idea Girls Are Kind Of Icky gets challenged by Girls Can Be Pretty Darned Interesting. But it gets more complicated when The Old Man Clutching The Big Black Bible meets Higher Criticism. Or when You Are Not Loveable tries to drown out the voice of God Loves You. In this tour of Don's head, you get a glimpse of how we make sense of ideas and how we decide which ones should live with us. We're introduced to back-door ideas like Pain Is Bad, secret ideas like Lighter Skin Implies Higher Intelligence, and sexy ideas like Shiny Happy Globalization. How do we determine what ideas win out? Which ideas should get to stay, and who should get kicked out of the house?on having been given a head 65 get ideas into the living room? In part this means figuring out how my house works and what allows the ideas to get together. For me it means taking time, going on a walk, washing dishes, driving in my car.

Title:All the Ideas Living in My Head
Author:Don Everts
Publisher:InterVarsity Press - 2009-08-20


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