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qAllegroq continues the tale of Fiona and her European travels with Ellen, her marriage and answers the question: How do you remember love? In qAllegro, q Fiona has come out of her coma but remains stuck in the past and the duality of marriage and love. Fiona is forced to reconcile the memories and love for the husband in her heart with the one in her memories. As she continues to recall her love(s), we are reminded that no matter the time period nor changes in society, love is a constant, especially in our memories. There is always a time, a place, and a chance to love. Do you, remember, love?Following Sophiea#39;s directions, in detail, Fiona trusted she was on the correct MActro train. Eventually, she heard the overhead announcement ... Pierre was dressed in jeans, tee shirt and jean jacket. Fiona had chosen her jeans and a navy poloanbsp;...

Author:Roslyn Paterson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-08-15


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