Alternative Careers in Science

Alternative Careers in Science

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Many science students find themselves in the midst of graduate school or sitting at a lab bench, and realize that they hate lab work! Even worse is realizing that they may love science, but science (at least academic science) is not providing many job opportunities these days. What's a poor researcher to do !? This book gives first-hand descriptions of the evolution of a band of hardy scientists out of the lab and into just about every career you can imagine. Researchers from every branch of science found their way into finance, public relations, consulting, business development, journalism, and more - and thrived there! Each author tells their personal story, including descriptions of their career path, a typical day, where to find information on their job, opportunities to career growth, and more. This is a must-read for every science major, and everyone who is looking for a way to break out of their career rut. * An insider's look at the wide range of job opportunities for scientists yearning to leave the lab * First-person stories from researchers who successfully made the leap from science into finance, journalism, law, public policy, and more. * Tips on how to track down and get that job in a new industry * Typical day scenarios for each career track * List of resources (websites, associations, etc.) to help you in your search * Completely revised, this latest edition includes six entirely new chaptersThe average salary for entry-level technical writers/editors in the United States is $43, 260. a€c Join the Society for ... If you dona#39;t have many contacts in the tech writing field, then the local STC chapter is the best place to begin your search. College ... Scientists who are technical writers can also move into areas with more direct customer contact, such as marketing, technical support, sales, and field service.

Title:Alternative Careers in Science
Author:Cynthia Robbins-Roth
Publisher:Academic Press - 2011-04-28


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