Alternative Service Delivery: Readiness Check

Alternative Service Delivery: Readiness Check

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Alternative Service Delivery: Readiness Check synthesizes academic and practitioner knowledge about alternative service delivery (ASD) systems. This handbook offers information and insights that local governments can use to provide public services more effectively and efficiently. It serves as a primer about alternative service delivery, intended to guide investigation of new approaches to service delivery. It derives from multiple conversations with local government practitioners in Illinois who were frustrated by a lack of guidance on how to think about alternative service delivery methods for public services, and in what circumstances different alternatives were more or less successful. This handbook is written for both appointed managers and elected officials who are looking for innovative ways to consider service delivery and want to answer the basic question, a€œCan we be doing this better?a€ Why does your local government want to consider providing public services in new, alternative ways? As the cases in this handbook demonstrate, jurisdictions that successfully develop and implement an alternative service delivery method are driven by a desire to improve service effectiveness. Local governments that move from tactical to strategic thinking about service delivery are the ones more likely to improve services using different forms of alternative service delivery. The kinds of issues and types of questions examined in this handbook range from how to best handle such demand-driven services as allocation of police and fire resources to how to share expensive equipment that your jurisdiction needs only some of the time. The stories, solutions, and evidence are intended to help local government officials understand the differences between delivery alternatives and the prerequisites for developing and implementing each option.For example, sincea government entitypaysno taxes, it has a cost advantageover a privatefirm.Thecosts ... manager mayhavefewer responsibilities whenaserviceis contracted out, itis unusual thatthecouncil would reduce the managera#39;s salary.

Title:Alternative Service Delivery: Readiness Check
Author:Gerald T. Gabris, Heidi O. Koenig, Kurt Thurmaier, Craig S. Maher, Kimberly L. Nelson , Katherine A. Piker, Alicia Schatteman, Dawn S. Peters, Craig Rapp
Publisher:ICMA Publishing - 2014-04-15


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