Aluminum Dreams

Aluminum Dreams

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Aluminum, Sheller tells us, changed mobility and mobilized modern life. It enabled air power, the space age and moon landings. Yet, as Sheller makes clear, aluminum was important not only in twentieth-century technology, innovation, architecture, and design but also in underpinning global military power, uneven development, and crucial environmental and health concerns. Sheller describes aluminum's shiny utopia but also its dark side. The unintended consequences of aluminum's widespread use include struggles for sovereignty and resource control in Africa, India, and the Caribbean; the unleashing of multinational corporations; and the pollution of the earth through mining and smelting (and the battle to save it). Using a single material as an entry point to understanding a global history of modernization and its implications for the future, Aluminum Dreams forces us to ask: How do we assemble the material culture of modernity and what are its environmental consequences?This is an even bigger problem than most approaches to sociotechnical change would have us believe. ... ofthe age ofaluminum as are elegant MacBook Air note - book computers with their a€œfeatherlight aluminum designa€ and promise of mobile connectivity at our fingertips. ... in terms of ecological temporality.11 Ifa€œthe materiality ofinformation technology starts from the soil, and un- dergrounda€a€”in metalsanbsp;...

Title:Aluminum Dreams
Author:Mimi Sheller
Publisher:MIT Press - 2014


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