Always the Bridesmaid

Always the Bridesmaid

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What do you do after you walk down the aisle in four weddings in a few months-none of them your own? What's left after you've donned the must-have-not dresses of the season, forked over your cash, and fake-smiled your way through countless photos? After you've dealt with the smashed guest, the smooshed cake, the dashed hopes, and the missed bouquets? That's what Cate Padgett is starting to wonder, as she embarks on stint after stint on the sidelines, watching friends swap bar-hopping for baby-naming...while her own love life goes nowhere fast. But is Cate unwilling to settle down-or just unwilling to settle? And can anyone really judge her if they haven't walked in her dyed-to-match shoes? Wild, witty, and full of weddings to cry over, Always the Bridesmaid is an endearingly romantic comedy about standing out in the crowd even when everyone's wearing the same celery-green dress...and daring to make every day The Happiest Day of Your Life.He pulled her suitcase from the trunk of the Ford Focus. Then he hugged her. a€œIa#39;ll talk to you later, a€ he said. She nodded. a€œAll right.a€ She watched the Focus pull away from the curb. ... It looked like a neglected jalopy with its missing hubcap.

Title:Always the Bridesmaid
Author:Whitney Lyles
Publisher:Penguin - 2004-02-03


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