Always the One

Always the One

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When wild child Coraleen Pettigrew returns home to the small town of Meadowview, ita€™s with a crash and a bang. Not the best entrance for a woman who spent the last five years locked up for a crime she didna€™t commit. Straight and narrow Sheriff Remy Toussaint is up for reelection, but the reappearance of Coraleen and the fact that she cana€™t seem to keep her sexy rear out of jail may start costing him votes. Doesna€™t help that hea€™s falling for the girl whoa€™s his opposite in every way. When the by-the-books sheriff and the former convict connect, sparks fly and mayhem follows. But after one too many of Coraleena€™s hijinks threatens Remya€™s reputation, shea€™s faced with a choice: stay and put Remya€™s campaign at risk, or leave and break her own heart. Sometimes love means rules can be broken...but will Remy learn this in time to stop Coraleen from leaving Meadowview for good?Ia#39;m boarding him for his owner, is all. ... Taking the corners of Countyline Road leading out to Sherman Wannamakera#39;s place at high speed in a Jeep wasna#39;t advisable, but hella€”someone had to get out there before Coraleen got herself in muchanbsp;...

Title:Always the One
Author:French, Rochelle
Publisher:Bloomfield Publishing - 2015-04-01


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