American Capitalism

American Capitalism

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At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the legitimacy of American capitalism seems unchallenged. The link between open markets, economic growth, and democratic success has become common wisdom, not only among policy makers but for many intellectuals as well. In this instance, however, the past has hardly been prologue to contemporary confidence in the free market. American Capitalism presents thirteen thought-provoking essays that explain how a variety of individuals, many prominent intellectuals but others partisans in the combative world of business and policy, engaged with anxieties about the seismic economic changes in postwar America and, in the process, reconfigured the early twentieth-century ideology that put critique of economic power and privilege at its center. The essays consider a broad spectrum of figuresa€”from C. L. R. James and John Kenneth Galbraith to Peter Drucker and Ayn Randa€”and topics ranging from theories of Cold War qconvergenceq to the rise of the philanthropic Right. They examine how the shift away from political economy at midcentury paved the way for the 1960s and the qculture warsq that followed. Contributors interrogate what was lost and gained when intellectuals moved their focus from political economy to cultural criticism. The volume thereby offers a blueprint for a dramatic reevaluation of how we should think about the trajectory of American intellectual history in twentieth-century United States.As a prescient critic of Henry Ford, an ardent skeptic of unions, an early champion of outsourcing as a solution to labor strife, and a ... fixed assembly lines, disaggregation of the centralized corporation, the devaluation of manual labor, and the marginalization of trade unions. ... In this sense, although Druckera#39;s individual proposals have had mixed success, his focus on the need of managers to lessen theanbsp;...

Title:American Capitalism
Author:Nelson Lichtenstein
Publisher:University of Pennsylvania Press - 2011-01-01


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