American Muse

American Muse

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This clear, lively book approaches its subject using the traditional methods of cultural anthropologya€”in-depth interviews with qnativeq informants, examination of qnativeq sources, and analysis of qnativeq rites of passage. In this unique case, however, the native consultants are Americans and the focus is the arts that they produce and enjoy. True to anthropology's hallmark relativism, the author explores not only the fine arts but also the popular arts, giving as much attention and analysis to wedding cakes, rock and roll, and automobiles as to gallery paintings, classical music, and formal literature. Specifically, coverage includes an introduction to the book's central aim; The Role of Art in Americans' Lives; Art in an American Rite of Passage: Weddings; What does art do in America?; Who put the qBompq in the qBomp, Bomp, Bompq?; The Real Art World; and Calliope in America. For professionals in the fields of Art and Anthropology seeking a focused study of American Arts/Aesthetics and Popular Culture.The value of the Volvo logo is attested by events that occurred several years ago. ... a city street sign, saying aquot;Volvo Parking Onlyaquot;; and a fancy automobile license- plate holder Dick, an Auto Repair Specialist 35 Dick, an Auto Repair Specialist.

Title:American Muse
Author:Richard L. Anderson
Publisher:Pearson College Division - 2000


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