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Amexica is the harrowing story of the extraordinary terror unfolding along the U.S.-Mexico bordera€”qa country in its own right, which belongs to both the United States and Mexico, yet neitherqa€”as the narco-war escalates to a fever pitch there. In 2009, after reporting from the border for many years, Ed Vulliamy traveled the frontier from the Pacific coast to the Gulf of Mexico, from Tijuana to Matamoros, a journey through a kaleidoscopic landscape of corruption and all-out civil war, but also of beauty and joy and resilience. He describes in revelatory detail how the narco gangs work; the smuggling of people, weapons, and drugs back and forth across the border; middle-class flight from Mexico and an American celebrity culture that is feeding the violence; the interrelated economies of drugs and the maquiladora factories; the ruthless, systematic murder of young women in Ciudad Juarez. Heroes, villains, and victimsa€”the brave and rogue police, priests, women, and journalists fighting the violence; the gangs and their freelance killers; the dead and the devastateda€”all come to life in this singular book. Amexica takes us far beyond today's headlines. It is a street-level portrait, by turns horrific and sublime, of a place and people in a time of war as much as of the war itself.... screeching Toyota Camrys and Volkswagen Golfs, genetically modified with overdeveloped hubcaps and souped-up ... certainly, but a€œthe best fun in JuAirez, a€ says Antonio GonzAilez GonzAilez, proud owner of a white Ford Focus with whatanbsp;...

Author:Ed Vulliamy
Publisher:Macmillan - 2010-10-26


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