Among Friends?

Among Friends?

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Relationships are the glue that holds the world together. As the author shows, this common belief applies to ancient Greece as much as to contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand. Based on long-term ethnographic fieldwork, this anthropological study dedicates itself to the topic of friendship - this flexible type of sociality that has become increasingly significant in people's lives throughout the world. At the core stand the friendship conceptions and life-worlds of M?ori (the indigenous population) and Pakeha (the descendants of the predominately European settler population) actors in New Zealand. By tracing out people's qfriendship worldsq in their wider societal context, the author takes up current debates surrounding issues of identity and sociality, indigeneity and diversity. By furthering our understanding of the social dynamics of friendship in New Zealand, the study not only contributes to the growing field of friendship research, it also reveals important implications for the understanding of group relations in a postcolonial, so-called qmulticulturalq society.On the Dynamics of Maori-Pakeha Relationships in Aotearoa New Zealand Agnes Brandt. old school ... Once this initial engagement was established, Liz had the opportunity to also socially engage with Maori and to kindle new friendships.

Title:Among Friends?
Author:Agnes Brandt
Publisher:V&R unipress GmbH - 2013


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